The Elite Scholarship Nomination Terms & Conditions:

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This programme is targeting Teaching Assistants (TAs) at the public universities, which offer scholarships for Master degree in UK. The scholarship terms and conditions are subject to continuous review to offer the best opportunities to the targeted group.

Programme Dates:

The Admissions Department for this programme is open annually in 01.November until 30.April. Deadline might be extended in case of available opportunities and exceptional cases, which will be announced in the website.

Number of opportunities:

18 candidates (subject to annual review).

In order for your application to be accepted and processed, Please read carefully the General & Special conditions detailed below:

First: General Conditions:

  1. Nomination Lettre from public university signed and stamped by the Dean Office. (Nomination Letter Model)
  2. All applicants must be Sudanese national and presenting minimum 2 years valid E-Passport.
  3. Age: no more than 30 years old (age will be calculated from the Master course start date not the application date(
  4. The programme is distributing the opportunities among variety of disciplines each year, and therefore, there are limited opportunities for each discipline.
  5. Sign the Terms & Conditions of the Elite Scholarship after the pre-departure meeting.    
  6. Sign the Return Pledges with Guarantor from the family or the Nominating University (NU), unless exempt.

Second: Special Conditions:

  1. All applicants must be graduated with first or second upper bachelor degree from the University of Khartoum (U of K) or Sudan University for Science & Technology (SUST). SUST graduates may be subject to one degree degradation. Other universities graduates please read carefully the Additional Conditions (2).
  2. One or two recommendation letters from the NU professors fulfilling the University of Nottingham, University of Reading and SOAS, University of London Referee form. Please check  for more information.
  3. 500 words explanation to the Master course to support the application (soft copy)
  4. Scoring the required score in the IELTS according the Master course regulation (no less than5.5 in each element are accepted in all courses with no less than 6.0 overall)
  5. Appointed as a full time Teaching Assistant (TA) in a public Sudanese university. This programme is targeting TAs graduated with Bachelor degree. Lecturer and Master degree graduates applicants will be accepted in rare and exceptional cases.
  6. A nomination letter issued and stamped by the Faculty Dean of the Public University stating clearly the name of the candidate, Master course, the University in UK and confirming the TA appointment as full time Teaching Assistant.
  7. All certificates and documents stated above must be compatible with the E-Passport.
  8. Submit PECK application form with all documents during the time limit. (please find the form at

Third: Additional Conditions:

  1. If a candidate was none U of K nor SUST, PECK may visit and issue an internal report to the new unrecognized university and assess the performance and training conditions to recognize or reject unrecognized university.
  2. If the candidate was not a graduate of U of K nor SUST, PECK will visit that university to assess the academic performance to issue an internal report to be submitted to the University in UK. The University in UK has the right to accept or reject the candidate.
  3. PECK has the right to change these conditions without a prior notice.
  4. For more enhanced communications, please review these nomination Terms & Conditions regularly at our website  

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