Self-Sponsored Scholarship (SS) :

This Scholarship is open to anyone willing to sponsor their studies in the selected Universities. The Scholarship offers:

  1. 10-30% tuition fees reduction depending on the course and university.
  2. Full admission process support.
  3. Pre-departure meeting ( provide travelling, accommodation, academic and emergency advises ).
  4. Visa processing and supporting documents.
  5. Supervisor and contact person in UK.
  6. Transfer of tuition fees to the University.
  7. Allowances services ( if agreed with the Guarantor ).
  8. Academic Reports per term delivery to the Guarantor.
  9. Batch ranking ( PECK issue an annual ranking to all PECK students in UK based on the academic performance, which may result to further studies upgrade ).
  10. Assessment report to the local universities.

The conditions are:

  1. Start date 1. November till 30. June every year.
  2. Fees installments agreement with PECK ( may vary according to the course and university )

The Guarantor Requirements:

  1. The Guarantor must be:
    a). A public or private institution. Or
    b). A first or second degree relative.
  2. Pay in advance the applicable tuition fees before the visa process in USD. If the visa is rejected or student not able to enroll at the University, PECK will refund the value to the Guarantor
  3. Provide financial supporting documents showing his/her ability of sponsorship to the remaining cost of tuition fees and living expenses according to UKVI Rules of PBS Tier 4 Visa
  4. Sign a Pledge to fulfill any additional tuition/ living expenses. 
  5. Provide the student with all living expenses needed for no less than 10 months (1100-1500 Pounds/month) between (11,000-15,000 Pounds a year)
  6.  Letter from the place of work confirming the position and monthly salary.
  7.  3 months of bank statement.
  8. Self-employed guarantor must submit registration certificate of their businesses along with the statement specified in (6) above.
  9. Passport copy.

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