•  When the admission process start?

The admission starts on the 1 st of November and ends on 30 th of a April each year. The admission period might be extended under certain circumstances.

•  How I decide the appropriate scholarship that suits my case?

Please check the Scholarship and the Sponsorship link to choose the appropriate scholarship

•  What is the required documents for admission?

Please check the admission link to know the required documents. The documents required for admission is also noticed in PECK application form.

•  What shall I do after I submit my documents?

The admission team will update you about your application process regularly via email or phone calls if necessary. In some cases the university in UK may request an interview with applicant to attend at the centre via Skype or other method of communication.

•  How do I know that I have been accepted or not?

The admission team will inform you once the decision is made

•  Is there any valuable information offered to me before my departure?

Yes, a pre-departure meeting will be held in the centre to offer you all necessary information regarding your study and scholarship.

•  Do the centre supports my entry visa application to UK?

Yes, the admission team will proceed with your visa application and hand over all supporting documents for the visa. However, certain documents must be presented by the applicant.

•  Do I have to confirm any necessary documents before my departure or after my arrival to UK?

Yes, you have to submit the following:

  • A copy of your visa.
  • A confirmation of your flight reservation.
  • Your UK bank account details.
  • Your contact details in UK ( address, phone number)

•  Is there any contacts person I can call upon my arrival?

Yes, our contact person in UK be happy to help you once you arrive. The admission team will give you the contact person details at the Pre-Departure Meeting pointed in No.5.

•  How my sponsor and my nominating university will be aware of my academic progress?

The centre will be in touch with the nominating university and the sponsors updating them with your academic progress reports which will be delivered to us by the British universities.



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